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How long does a deck last? Well, let us answer that while we tell you why we use steel framing!

Updated: Jul 6

Most composite decking lasts 30-50 years, depending on the line of decking and which company you use. That's a long time! Pressure treated decks and frames, however, don't have the same luck in terms of lifespan. This leaves you needing new deck before the end of the decking's lifespan! With a short life of 10-15 years, pressure treated frames begin to rot from water or sun exposure and because wood is porous, bugs or mold can enter the structure, creating a whole bunch of problems. Steel is much stronger, allowing for your whole deck to last 30-50 years.

This is the exact reason why our company has switched to exclusively building steel frame decks. While some parts of the frame include pressure treated wood, such as the posts and stair treads (we are still always searching for a better option!), we use custom made steel to construct the framing for our decks in order to match the lifespan of the beautiful composite decking you are putting on top of it.

You might be wondering about the cost of a steel frame versus a regular pressure treated frame. Because the labor for building steel is a little faster than a pressure treated frame, it doesn't cost much more at all to use steel for the project. The material cost is a little bit higher than wood, but we are able to save costs on labor for that part of the project, which helps even out the investment. In the long run, you'll end up with a stronger deck that will survive twice as long as a pressure treated deck!

Next up: Why we don't recommend re-decking structures with pressure treated frames.

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