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How much does a deck really cost? And why we can't trust Google's answers...

Updated: Jul 6

Many homeowners wonder how much their new deck will cost. Google is an easy and effective tool right under our fingertips to find a wide array of information, but sometimes we can't trust what pops up first when you type in a question.

"How much does a deck cost?" gets answered by big companies in a very vague way. These companies frequently answer average deck costs and use square footage pricing, but do not account for labor or overhead costs. This is why when you look up "How much does a deck cost?" you are met with answers like "An average deck costs $7,320." What they don't tell the reader is that this deck price is for the material cost of the decking itself! This typically doesn't include the frame, railings, or stairs which all goes into a deck building cost.  Additionally these resources do not take into consideration the place you live, where some costs may be higher than other areas.

All wrapped up together, decking, framing, railings, labor, and all of the smaller materials we don't count (such as screws, drill bits, clips to secure decking, post caps, etc.) are only some of the considerations companies have when pricing out projects. One of the most important things to remember is that not all homes are the same and decks really aren’t a “one size or cost fits all”. The best way to find out is to contact your reputable local deck builders and have them asses your home and provide you with an estimate. Whether you are at the beginning of your planning or ready to move forward with construction, we are here to help you define your budget and timeline. Here at Lenzi Construction we are focused on helping our clients plan out their dreams deck.

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