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Springing into Warmer Weather!

It's almost that time of year where we all want to sit on our deck, grill some food and maybe even have some crafty cocktails! The weather gets warmer, the sun comes out, and friends and family come over to spend quality outdoor time. Who doesn't love the thought of a beautiful spring dinner?!

You find yourself so excited at the idea of warm weather and good company, but then you realize the one problem you've forgotten about this winter...your deck is falling apart, giving your guests splinters, and seemingly unsafe!

One thing many homeowners do is wait until the weather gets warmer to call a contractor for a deck replacement, but then they find most contractors are booked up until June or July. We receive the majority of our calls for quotes during the late winter/early spring months, causing us to book up through the summer pretty quickly! If you want to get your deck built before the weather gets warm and your guests come over, make sure to call us while the snow is still in the forecast!

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